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Jack Warner

Doug A. Mishler as Mr. Jack Warner

JACK WARNER (1892-1978)

At the turn of the century, Jack L. Warner pawned a horse to help his three older brothers purchase a Kinetoscope, an early motion picture projection device. By 1910, the brothers had established the famous Warner Brothers studio and were instrumental in the evolvement of American cinema and “shaping Hollywood’s Golden Age” That they were quick to realize the importance of “talkies” caused the newly organized “Academy of Motion Pictures (1929)” to recognize Warner Brothers Studio for “revolutionizing the industry with sound.”

Jack, the most unlikable of the brothers, made few friends in the industry. He was variously described as ruthless, devious, arbitrary, autocratic, and in some cases, “mean for the sake of being mean.” He managed to wrest control of the studio from his brothers and anoint himself as company president by using subterfuge. By the time his 45 year career as a Hollywood movie mogul ended, many in his family, including his brother, Harry and son, Jack Jr. weren’t speaking to him.

Jack’s saving graces were that he was forward thinking, toughminded and frugal; characteristics that allowed the company to flourish even during depression. It was the Warner Brothers Studio that gave us many films the quality of Casablanca, Academy Award winner for best picture in 1942.

Jack Warner performance at 1:30 p.m. on September 10, 2016

PT Barnum

Doug A. Mishler as Mr. PT Barnum

PT BARNUM (1819-1891)

At one time, Phineas Taylor Barnum was the best known American in the world. Author, publisher, philanthropist, politician, promoter, showman, creator, innovator, impresario and reformer are words used to describe the man who, at age 60, created the three-ring circus, billed as “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

He toured the world with an amazing array of talented acts and titillating curiosities, both human and animal. The fact that some of his attractions were hoaxes and his advertising was often false, did not trouble Barnum. His goal was to get the public through the door and give them great entertainment. In that he succeeded.

Throughout life he charted his own course, living and thinking extravagantly, taking risks--sometimes failing yet often succeeding. (In one instance he rebounded by becoming a temperance speaker.) He also served four terms in the Connecticut legislature, outspoken in his opposition to slavery. A showman to the end, he died at age 81, some months after having a stroke during a performance

PT Barnum performance at 6:30 p.m. on September 10, 2016

About Chautauqua Scholar DOUG A. MISHLER

Over the last twenty years Doug has become nationally recognized for bringing “history to life.” In addition to Ernie Pyle, Doug has presented characters from his recent shows as Jack Warner & D. W. Griffith, to his first character P. T. Barnum, before literally thousands of Americans in hundreds of first person presentations. His roster of characters includes those above as well as Theodore Roosevelt, General Stonewall Jackson and 14 other historical figures. The voices in his head keep him busy but when he is not on the road he is either directing or acting in plays or teaching American history at the University of Nevada Reno. Like his idol T. R., Doug believes there is still plenty of time to grow up and get a “real job”—but later!

Charlie Shaffer

About Pianist: CHARLIE SHAFFER - Charlie and his wife are long-time residents of Boulder City. But Charlie was born in Texas and grew up in a family of music lovers. He studied classical and popular music privately from the age of five. He relocated to Las Vegas as an adult and thus began a tremendous performance career, including 12 years at the Desert Inn. He wrote orchestral arrangements for several TV shows including Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin, and also the large Houston Symphony Pops Orchestra. In short, Charlie can do it all, performing live or arranging and writing music, and producing his own CD’s. For more information check his website: